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Quality and Environmental Policy

Magrudy Enterprises LLC is primarily known for its expertise in the retail industry, specifically in the fields of bookselling, educational supplies, and stationery. We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services to our customers while minimizing our environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability starts in our offices, maintaining a constant responsibility as a profession towards the environment.

To meet this goal, the following principles are committed by MAGRUDY management team:

  • Maintain and achieve continual improvement through process-oriented Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System that complies with the requirements Of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 International Standards and Other applicable Statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Measure QE performance and provide a framework for setting the Quality and Environmental objectives and targets in line with this policy at relevant levels and functions of the company and review them periodically.
  • Protection of the environment through preventing and minimize environmental pollution and other specific commitment wherever possible through source reduction, reuse, and recycling.
  • Identifying, assessing environmental aspects and its impact in the workplace, and taking action to prevent, reduce or control it to an acceptable level and leveraging opportunities to the advantage of all stakeholders.
  • Evaluate periodically the conformity Of the quality and environmental management System to the activities and environmental impacts of our company with internal audits.
  • Arrange for provision Of appropriate Quality & Environment resources (e.g., budget, human, equipment, training etc.) evaluate periodically compliance with applicable environmental (legal and others) requirements.
  • Communicate this QE policy to all the personnel working with Magrudy, suppliers, all others involved in the process, Customers and other relevant interested parties and ensure that the QE policy is understood and applied as appropriate within the organization.
  • Maintain and practice emergency response plans to protect our employees, customers, public and the environment in the event of an incident.
    We recognize that the skills and involvement of our employees are essential for understanding and fulfilling the needs of our company and the customers. We provide the necessary resources to achieve our objectives. This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it is relevant and suitable for the organization, and if necessary revised to consider any changes in the organizational structure or considering legislative changes.


Mr. Laith Shaker

Chief Executive Officer

Date: 02-01-2024

MAG-QE-POL-01/Rev. O, DI. 02-01-2024


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